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Land Rover V8 engine repair
(cracked block/slipped liner/overheating)

An all too familiar problem on the world famous Rover
V8 is the various problems concurred with overheating.
A fantastic engine of many years but, when developing
this problem, the guage just goes into the red.

On this page we have chosen a '02 model year Range Rover,
just to show how late a model can be affected.This particular
 vehicle would boil up and leave a puddle of coolant underneath,
 even on the shortest of journeys.

V8 slipped liner/cracked block

With the heads removed and the head gaskets intact
the worst case is suspected, a closer inspection reveals
 the problem rests at cylinder liner number eight.

After a lengthy consultation with the customer, repairs were
agreed and a new block would need to be ordered. After
contacting Turner Engineering the new block was delivered.

V8 block

 Taking friendly and knowledgable help from
Turner's, including the vehicles LPG system, the
 choice was made for a quality exchange unit fitted
with the ductile liner upgrade.

Ductile liners in the V8 block

In the meantime the heads were sent off for
pressure/crack tests. After being found in servicable
condition they were promptly overhauled
 and fitted with new oil seals.

V8 cylinder head

With the new block installed the heads can be
refitted along with new Genuine lifters. Due to the low
mileage and good condition of the engine many
components were fine for re-use.

V8 engine rebuild  V8 engine ancillaries

It takes a lot of work but the end result is well worth
the engine rebuild.

4.6 V8 Range Rover  4.6 V8 underbonnet view

If you are experiencing any similar problems,
please feel free to contact us:

Email us !

Affordable labour rate charged at only £37.50(+Vat) per hour

Rovacom Diagnostic check £35.00(+Vat)

Turner Engineering
Many thanks to Turner for their help.

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